Publicly Traded Data Storage Company

Publicly Traded Data Storage Company

There were multiple challenges encountered while reviewing a publicly traded cloud computing/data storage company as a new Optimus client.  

Client challenges included:  

  • The need to assess both the financial, and operational aspects required to build a world class equipment leasing program.  
  • Calculate the true all-in cost, and risks associated with leasing IT equipment and other assets.  
  • Select the best leasing companies to meet their lease capital requirements.  
  • Model lease vs. buy scenarios to make ever-changing data-driven decisions.  
  • Ensure finance, treasury, procurement, tax, and other departments within the business are aligned on capex finance strategy.  

Optimus solved the challenges by:

  1. Reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on pricing, terms, and other KPIs to assess the current leasing program.  
  1. Interviewing stakeholders to formulate options that delivered cost savings and mitigate risk.
  1. Developing a tangible model for making lease vs. buy decisions in the future.  
  1. Delivering more than $2.5 million dollars in hard savings which resulted in the discontinued use of poor lease providers.

Key Benefits:

After being hired, Optimus identified leasing interest rates that were 84% to 113% over market! Correcting this, going forward, resulted in year-one savings of more than $2.5 million with more to follow!